Best Weighted Quilt and Weighted Blanket Reviews

After reading our articles on the whys and hows of a weighted blanket, you may be wondering where to get one from. You might also wonder what brand is best. We’ll cover a few key details about gravity blankets once more, and then move onto our best weighted quilt and weighted blanket reviews.

If you haven’t read our other articles now weighted blankets, check out why buy a weighted blanket, and what is a weighted blanket? These’ll give you more details on weights, brand, price range, and other bits regarding these blankets. Throughout your search for the right gravity blanket, you may have wondered if they’re suitable for children. We have a whole review section on the best heavy blankets for kids and children and can you use weighted blankets for kids?

What is a weighted blanket or a weighted quilt?

The blanket isn’t actually “weighted” in the sense that you may be thinking of, but it does contain poly pellets or beads that are used to provide the weight and deep pressure input for which these blankets are famous. A heavy/gravity/weighted blanket or weighted quilts are all the same thing. These weighted blankets use deep touch pressure and pressure stimulation to induce a calming effect on the body.

Who should use a weighted blanket or weighted quilt?

They’re good for children and adults alike and come in the main three sizes for bedding. A weighted blanket isn’t filled with weights per se, rather plastic pellets or glass beads.

A weighted blanket is especially popular for people suffering from stress and anxiety, ADHD, ADD or those who need a calming aid during sleep hours. Further, a weighted blanket is great for those with sensory disorders. Adults with any kind of sensory disorder or anxiety benefit from the sensation of being hugged by a gravity blanket. This helps them feel tranquil and get a good night’s sleep.

What should I look out for in a good quality weighted blanket or weighted quilt?

Various things can impact the quality of a gravity blanket. A gravity blanket should be bigger than your body, and it would be a plus if it covers your whole bed too. It needs to be a fabric that isn’t too heavy, like organic cotton. This means it’s fine for summer as the material is cooling, meaning you shouldn’t overheat a night. Your gravity blanket needs to be machine washable and free from lots of synthetic materials that could irritate you.

Gravity blankets should weigh around 10% of your body weight. But it doesn’t need to be this exact. If the gravity blanket is anywhere between 7-12% of your body weight, this is fine. A gravity blanket needs to have an even distribution of beads inside.

With all this in mind, let’s get into the best gravity blankets to encourage restful sleep. These gravity blankets can help both adults and kids sleep fall asleep faster and have a calm night.

Best Premium King & Queen Sized Weighted Quilt

Main Features

Harmonia Stress Blanket/Weighted Blanket. This blanket is a thoughtful design from the USA – Harmonia weighted blankets for adults are classically designed using only high-quality materials. Eco-friendly glass beads allow the blankets to be up to 60% thinner than others without compromising thickness. Further, compartmentalized microfiber pockets also assist in even weight distribution and preventing beads from leaking.

This weighted blanket feels like you’re being wrapped in a comforting hug. The blanket has an even distribution of beads and uses Deep Pressure Therapy to relieve tension and help with sleep.

Give yourself peace of mind and a better night’s sleep with the Harmonia blanket. This weighted blanket’s fabric resists the heat of summer nights, so you can fall asleep for longer periods of time without worrying about how hot it is in your room.

Extra Features

By purchasing a Harmonia blanket, you are helping in the fight against human trafficking.

Included with every Harmonia Weighted Blanket purchase is a washable duvet cover to ensure longer wear and fit. The thin and easy-to-put-on and -remove cover comes with 7 ties for a snug customisable fit!

Key Takeaways

  • The Gravity blanket is made with a cotton shell and features microbeads that provide the perfect amount of pressure.
  • The gravity blanket is safe, non-toxic, and can be used comfortably all year round.
  • Harmonia blankets are made with a quilted construction that distributes microbeads evenly, keeping them from clumping. They are durable and designed to last.
  • This weighted quilt has is dark grey and goes well with any home decor.
  • It also includes a free blanket cover and has seven ties at the bottom for a custom fit around your bed.
  • Includes a 1-year warranty, so if you’re not happy with the delivery or the product, you can return it.

Best Double Duvet Cover Weighted Blanket

Main Features

YnM 3 in 1 weighted blanket with double duvet for all seasons. YnM weighted blanket helps with stress and anxiety at night time and encourages calm stress-free sleep.

Their 7-layer system is designed to comfort your body and keep you in comfort while you sleep. And with more beads and less fibre fill than most other blankets, YnM brings better temperature control. YnM offers their weighted blanket in twin, queen and king sizes and various colours. Further, their weighted quilt comes in many weights so you can choose the right tone for your needs.

Extra Features

In the weighted quilt industry, there are only two types of sewing methods: one stitch and three-dimensional lock beading. The weighted high is 3 dimensional to avoid weight shifting from compartment to compartment for more even distribution. And it’s this high industry quality that YnM weighted blanket uses.

This weighted blanket comes with a 3-piece set consisting of two lightweight duvets and one heavier, but easier-to-clean inner layer. This set of three can be used seasonally or all year round, whichever you prefer.

Key Takeaways

  • This weighted blanket set includes two lightweight blankets and one heavier, but easier-to-clean inner layer.
  • This set of three can be used year-round or seasonally.
  • The weighted blanket is stitched in a way that prevents weight shifting within the pockets.
  • The YnM weighted blanket has more beads per square inch and less fibre fill than most other blankets. This creates an environment with better temperature control.

Best Weighted Blankets Under £300

Overall Best Weighted Blanket Under £300

Main Features

Relax Eden adult weighted quilt. This weighted blanket is grey with a removable blue cover. As we move throughout the day, our muscles can become tense and sore. This weighted blanket works to both soothe your mind and body for a night of deep sleep.

The weighted quilt has non-toxic and hypoallergenic glass beads that are evenly distributed. This means the weight is evenly dispersed across your body for a luxurious feeling when you wrap yourself up in this blanket.

Extra Features

Relax Eden is a washable weighted blanket that can be easily cleaned simply. Keep warm on winter nights using the weighted blanket. When it gets cooler outside, just remove the cover to reveal a lighter weighted blanket underneath.

Relax Eden offer a hassle-free one year warranty. If you’re not happy with your purchase, they’ll give you your money back without questions.

Key Takeaways

  • Hassle-free one year warranty and free delivery available.
  • Good for summer and winter (all seasons).
  • Machine washable removable cover.
  • 100% cotton build.
  • Hypoallergenic non-toxic glass beads.

Best Cosy Weighted Blanket

Main Features

Vellux weighted blanket. The Vellux Heavy Weight Weighted Blanket provides the comfort and warmth of a big hug, perfect for snuggling anywhere. This blanket is made of polyester to keep you warm, and cotton as a cosy fabric. The side with the zipper has an insert with polystyrene pellets for your warmth, and there are satin stripes all around it.

Extra Features

The easy-care blanket’s removable outer layer is machine washable and simply require unzipping. The blanket comes in three different weights and is available in several colours including Camel, Ivory, Charcoal Gray, Navy Blue and sage green. The weight of a weighted blanket for adults should be about 10% of their body weight and 15lbs is a good weight for those who weigh 150lbs.

Key Takeaways

  • It’s versatile as it comes in around 6 colours and 3 different weights.
  • It’s an easy-care blanket and comes with a removable cover that is machine washable.
  • Super cosy, though not ideal for warmer months.
  • Microbeads can sometimes clump together.

Best Bamboo Gravity Blanket

Main Features

Dornroscn bamboo gravity blanket. Gravity blanket made with high-quality bamboo fibre fabric. The weighted blanket is more breathable and softer than cotton. Unique moisture-wicking fibres inside bamboo sheets regulate temperatures well on cold nights and hot days.

Imagine sleeping in a hug. This blanket can calm your body, you’ll feel tranquil as this cooling blanket wraps around you to keep you comfortable.

Extra Features

Available in some of the prettiest patterns and colours that we’ve seen on gravity blankets. Most gravity blankets come in very bland colours, but Dornroscn has a lovely variety that will brighten your room as well as help you sleep calmly. However, their gravity blankets are also available in grey and white.

It is important to note that washing this gravity blanket on hot can significantly decrease the quality of your material and should be avoided. Recommended to wash in a cold setting and not often. To solve this, you can get a discounted Dornroscn cover for the blanket which can then be washed regularly.

Key Takeaways

  • Available in some of the nicest patterns and colours we’ve ever seen for weighted blankets.
  • Can’t be washed too often and needs to go on a cold setting.
  • Doesn’t come with a cover, this has to be bought separately.
  • Bamboo fibre fabric is completely temperature-regulating. It will keep you cool at night and isn’t too heavy.
  • Premium quality glass bead filling.

Best Plush Gravity Blanket

Main Features

Buzio double-sided sherpa fleece gravity blanket. The Buzio Sherpa weighted blanket features two functions, including a supportive sleep aid and also an ultra-soft fleece outer layer. This Sherpa blanket with decorative edging provides a neat finish and has better resistance to being faded or wrinkled than cotton blankets. This weighted blanket is upgraded with Sherpa fleece material for a luxurious feel.

Extra Features

BUZIO’s original 7-layer design makes for the best weighted blanket. Warm fleece plus Sherpa wrapped up in 2 layers of extra polyester to avoid bead leakage. It’s filled with non-glue polystyrene padding. Further, this blanket comes with a lifetime warranty.

Key Takeaways

  • Lifetime warranty included
  • 7 layer design
  • Polystyrene padding, not glass microbeads.
  • Double-sided fleece cover, super warm but not ideal for summer.

Best Weighted Blankets Under £200

Overall Best Weighted Blanket Under £200

Main Features

Mela grey gravity blanket to improve sleep and reduce stress and anxiety. Available in single, double and king sizes. When you order a weighted blanket from Mela, you won’t just get an impeccably stylish product – you’ll also get their luxurious reversible super-soft cover. This outer cover is 100% machine washable. After multiple rounds of tests, Mela perfected the weighted pocket size which is 33% smaller than competitors and distributes weight evenly.

Extra Features

Mela covers feel cooling because of the breathable 100% cotton outer layer, and they offer buyers a variety of summer covers. With a 100-night RISK-FREE trial, they’re willing to give you your money back if you don’t fall asleep better.

Key Takeaways

  • Machine washable outer cover.
  • More covers are available which are better suited for summer.
  • Reversible cover.
  • Evenly distributed weight.
  • Available in 3 sizes.

Best Queen Sized Gravity Blanket Under £200

Main Features

Cottonblue sherpa gravity blanket for adults to help you fall asleep without stress and anxiety. Cottonblue makes high-quality, durable weighted blankets for a range of purposes. This blanket comes in two parts: the exterior is made from 220 GSM smooth fleece, while the interior features 220 GSM fluffy Sherpa.

So many people toss and turn in bed at night and suffer from insufficient sleep due to anxiety, stress and sensory disorders. Embrace a quality, refreshing sleep with the Cottonblue Sherpa weighted blanket!

Extra Features

The Cottonblue Sherpa fleece blanket is easy to maintain and goes without saying- it lasts! A spot clean or commercial machine wash if contaminated will keep the blankets looking fresh. Hanging to dry, or tumble drying in low heat ensures that you’ll get many years of use out of your Cottonblue Sherpa fleece blanket.

Cottonblue weighted blankets are filled with safe and natural ceramic beads for even distribution. All layers of fabric, including the outer layer, securely lock in the beads and decrease any noise from shifting or spilling by using extra-durable stitching. Cottonblue offers a 30-day free refund policy to help you decide on your purchase as well as lifetime support should anything happen.

Key Takeaways

Filled with natural ceramic beads.

Machine washable.

Double-sided sherpa fleece fabric.

30-day free refund policy and lifetime support.

Not ideal for summer.

Best Premium Glass Beads Weighted Blanket Under £200

Main Features

YnM grey gravity blanket with glass microbead filling. YnM weighted blankets are made with glass beads to offer an all-natural sleep that helps people of all ages get a night of good sleep, leaving them feeling refreshed the next day. The design of the blanket prevents leakage by sewing more tightly and using a three-dimensional lock bead sewing method to reduce weight shifting.

Extra Features

You should use a blanket cover with this blanket and wash the cover instead. However, the blanket can be machine washed and hand-washed, as well as tumbled dried on a low setting. Fans and air conditioning help regulate temperature because it can get hot with this blanket.

Key Takeaways

Not ideal for summer or for people who get hot at night.

Washable but ideally a cover should be bought for it.

Glass anticlumping microbead filling.

Made with organic breathable cotton.

Best Heavy Cotton Weighted Quilt Under £200

Main Features

Baloo heavy gravity pebble white quilt. Baloo soft weight blanket is a cotton/100% breathable option, free from synthetic, materials or polyester.

The tight, quilted pattern holds the weighted filling in place. The white colouring promotes calmness and comfort. 60×80 inch weight blanket from Baloo competes with the feeling of a hug, encouraging serotonin production and calming the nervous system.

Extra Features

The product fits on top of a double/king-size bed (full/queen in US bed sizes) and measures 152×203 cm (60×80 inches). It is weighted with glass microbeads and has 8 loops that can be connected to a duvet cover if desired.

It’s machine and clothes dryer safe. We recommend washing the blanket using cold water on a gentle cycle in your regular washer, then drying it on low heat. Make sure not to iron or dry clean this blanket.

Key Takeaways

Machine washable and dryer safe.

Doesn’t come with a cover, but you can use a regular duvet cover on it.

Suitable for all seasons.

Filled with glass microbeads and comes with 8 loops for connecting it to a cover.

Free from synthetic materials.

Best Budget Weighted Blanket

Main Features

Odyssey box adult sensory gravity blanket for better sleep and reduced stress and anxiety. This blanket is great for the price and comes in ash grey and has a free machine washable cover. Soft cotton fabric gives this blanket an amazing feel, and it offers ultimate comfort and warmth. It lays perfectly over top of a double bed or even a single-sized bed.

Deep pressure stimulation from a weighted blanket has been clinically shown to raise serotonin levels and calm the nervous system. These weighted blankets can help with conditions such as anxiety, autism, restless leg syndrome, and other sleep disorders.

Extra Features

Medium-sized pockets prevent evenly weighted beads from gathering to one side. The cotton cover and neat stitching make the blanket easily washable with cold water, which retains its long life use. If you’re not pleased with your order, Odyssey offers a full refund without question.

Key Takeaways

100% cotton.

Comes with an outer cover that is completely washable.

Suitable for double or single beds.

Only available in one colour.

Glass bead filling.

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