Are Shiatsu Massage Chairs Good for You?

You may choose to invest in some form of massage chair to help with health issues, or simply to relax. But you may also want the full lowdown on massage chairs before you purchase one. Look no further! We’ll give you the ins and outs of shiatsu massage chairs and other shiatsu massage machines in this article. Most importantly, we’ll address the above question; are shiatsu massage chairs good for you? We’ll also explain what shiatsu massage therapy is, and why you should be interested in it.

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What is shiatsu massage therapy?

Shiatsu is a form of massage that comes from Japan. It involves exerting pressure along the meridian channels of the body to free energy or Qi as it is known in Eastern practices. Shiatsu is beneficial for a number of things, including improving circulation and lymphatic flow, reducing anxiety, and eliminating muscle soreness. Shiatsu is known for making people feel both relaxed and invigorated, as well as lifting their mood. For this reason, it can be prescribed as a therapy, usually a complementary one. So this means that if you suffer from chronic pain, depression, or anxiety, your doctor may recommend that you engage in a regular shiatsu massage alongside your other medications or treatments.

Shiatsu massage therapy is a complementary one, taken alongside conventional treatment.

However, people without prescribed depression or anxiety, as well as those who don’t suffer from chronic pain can also engage in regular shiatsu treatments to maintain and regain optimal health. Thus, for these individuals, shiatsu won’t necessarily be a therapy per se. It’s simply a form of massage that they include in their routines to keep their physical and mental health in check. Really, shiatsu massages are beneficial for all.

What is a shiatsu massage chair?

A shiatsu massage chair is like a regular massage chair, however, it has added shiatsu functions. Most shiatsu massage chairs come with more sophisticated features than regular massage chairs, plus all the added benefits of a shiatsu massage. Shiatsu massage chairs should incorporate a mixture of different massage functions to emulate the feeling of hands giving you a shiatsu massage. Some of these techniques might be kneading, knocking, and tapping. The good thing about shiatsu massage chairs is although they’re expensive, they’ll be cheaper in the long-term than regular sessions with a masseur. Further, these chairs do something a masseur can’t. Human hands can’t knead and tap at the same time, however, a shiatsu massage chair can. You can experience two or more kinds of massage on different parts of your body at the same time.

Shiatsu massage chairs usually have heat functions and air compression. This means you can feel airbags gently deflating and inflating to create the feeling of hands massaging your body. The heat function is especially good for those with aching muscles, stiff joints and swelling.

Are shiatsu massage chairs good for you?

The short answer is yes. That doesn’t mean there aren’t potential risks though. For example, overuse of a shiatsu massage chair, like with any massager, can cause harm. This is because overuse leads to tissue damage, bruising, potential inflammation, etc. Therefore, shiatsu massage chairs come programmed with timer settings, after which they will automatically switch off. Thus, by sticking to the time allotted by the chair you’ll avoid any harm caused by overuse. Further, using these chairs may not be advisable if you have broken bones, have recently had surgery, have deep cuts or bruises, or are pregnant. If unsure, always consult a doctor.

For the general population, shiatsu massage chairs are very good. Having a regular massage has many health benefits. Shiatsu massage chairs can help you relax and unwind, calming your nervous system and relaxing tense muscles. They can eliminate stiffness and knots, and help you lessen headaches and muscle/joint pains. Shiatsu massages can help to lift your mood, invigorate you by increasing blood flow and energy levels and help you cope with anxiety and depression.

Do shiatsu back massagers work?

Unlike shiatsu massage chairs, shiatsu back massagers tend to only massage the back and spinal region. Many back massagers actually double up as a neck and shoulder massager, but not all. Shiatsu back massagers do work, however, they usually only have massage nodes and a heat function without air compression. The massage nodes emulate the shiatsu technique by kneading the muscles in the back, therefore releasing tension and lessening pain. Air compression features aren’t common in back massagers, however, they’re more readily found in neck massagers, foot massagers, and of course, shiatsu massage chairs.

Do shiatsu neck massagers work?

Shiatsu neck massagers are often used as back massagers and shoulder massagers as well. This is helpful if you want to save money because rather than buying a massager for each area of your body, you can buy a three-in-one. Of course, neck massagers won’t give you as deep a massage as a shiatsu massage chair. Also, unlike shiatsu massage chairs, they can’t massage your neck, shoulders, and back simultaneously. Still, they work really well for their intended purpose, mainly, massaging the neck area. These massagers tend to use nodes and a heat feature to give you a deep kneading shiatsu massage. Most neck massagers work best when you’re leaning against something, meaning you can make your massage a little more intense or deep depending on how stiff you are. An added benefit of neck massagers is that some of them massage the base of your head. This is a prime area for a build-up of tension, and many times a quick massage in this area will get rid of tension headaches.

Now you know all about shiatsu massage chairs and other shiatsu massagers, you can make a more informed decision about buying one. For reviews on the best shiatsu zen massage machines and the best shiatsu foot massagers, check out our review articles. You may still be wondering a bit more about shiatsu itself. What is it exactly? Is it safe? And why is it worth investing in a shiatsu massage machine? For more details on the ins and outs of shiatsu, read our articles What is Shiatsu Massage? and Do Shiatsu Massagers Work?