Fresh Juice Recipes For Diabetics

For a diabetic, fresh juice is an excellent way to get the nutrients your body needs. This article proposes that fresh juice can be used as part of a dietary plan for diabetes management and prevention. Here are some fresh juice recipes for diabetics.

So instead of buying expensive juices from the store, all you need is a good juicer. Remember, it is still up to you to balance your diet; consult with your doctor or nutritionist before making any significant changes to your diet. Juicing can help with some of the effects of diabetes like aching feet and aching legs. Juicing and blending certain foods can also minimise hair loss in diabetics.

Fresh juice is an excellent way to get the nutrients your body needs

No doubt you’ve heard from other people who have had great results on their own with new approaches to tackling diabetes or lowering their glycemic index. If so, then you’re probably wondering if fresh juice is a natural way to help lower your blood sugar and increase your energy. It certainly is! Fresh vegetable and fruit juices are highly nutritious. Anybody can try fresh juice recipes for diabetes since they are made from common vegetables and fruits that we usually find in our kitchen.

Advantages of juicing

Freshly squeezed juice offers some advantages over eating fruit or drinking 100% fruit juices: Foods that are rich in fibre, have a better glycemic index than other foods containing the same amount of carbohydrates.


Juice contains more fibre than whole fruit because the pulp and skin are removed during juicing. This makes most juice a better choice than eating the original food such as apples, oranges or pears. In addition to these advantages, fresh juice made with a proper juicer is nutritionally superior to commercially bottled juices in terms of nutrient content. 

Which fruits should diabetics avoid?

If you’re diabetic or have a family member who is diabetic, then it’s important to avoid fruit juices with high sugar content. The following are the fruits that should be avoided:

  • watermelon
  • pineapple 
  • cantaloupe
  • honeydew melon
  • mango

There are a lot of great reasons to start juicing. If you’ve been diagnosed with type 1 or 2 diabetes, then fresh veggie juices can be perfect for your diet because they have low glycemic indices which mean that the sugars in these vegetables will enter into your bloodstream at an even rate and won’t spike after just one juice.

What fruits are fine for diabetics and juicing?

What are the best fruits and veggies for a diabetic’s juice? Berries, leafy greens (spinach, cabbage), low sugar vegetables (carrots, cucumber). Low sugar fruits like kiwi and grapefruits are also really good for diabetics.

These products have been proven to be beneficial in keeping blood sugar levels under control. You still need to check your insulin dosages or take proper precautions with how much fruit you eat during a day.

Juicing can help you lose weight by providing a low-calorie, high-nutrient diet 

For diabetics, the process of gaining excess weight and losing muscle mass due to a compromised metabolic system happens more quickly than for other people. For example, it takes diabetics much longer than other people to lose weight they have been struggling with for many years.

Juicing is the best way to get your daily intake of fruits and vegetables while not consuming too many calories all at once. This will keep you energized throughout the day, curb your hunger and be gentle on your kidneys(diabetics need more care than others).

Juice cleansing

If you are going to control your diabetes, or avoid it in the first place, then a juice fast could be an option. Always consult your doctor beforehand. Juice fasting will help to lower your blood sugar gradually with the excess glucagon that is released due to detoxification.

The mucous membrane of the intestines and colon gets rid of toxins through the faeces and urine. Pouring of the toxins into the bloodstream is reduced by eating proper meals of fresh juice. Fresh juice should be taken in moderation, as it can bring about hypoglycemia if you’re not careful.

Juicing and fibre

Juicing is definitely a great option for diabetics who are struggling to lose weight but in the long run, it might not be the best option for everyone. You need to keep in mind that high volume juices won’t blend your vegetables and fruits well so you will still have a fibre intake which is very important for diabetics.

Interesting fact:   Studies have found that diabetics who consume more fibre have lower blood sugar levels and better regulation of insulin.  Juicing is a great idea for diabetics who want to lose weight fast.

Unlike eating fruit and vegetables, juicing will lower the number of carbohydrates needed by the body that would otherwise be hard to get from eating fruits and vegetables alone.

Also, juices contain natural sugars whose glycemic index is lower than that of whole fruits or vegetables.

Good diet

If your body needs a cleansing program, then you should be sure to avoid any foods that have stimulants or are made with refined sugars and flour.

Sugar has no nourishment value and if it is not burned immediately, it will be stored away as fat. Fats cause the liver to store toxins, which will force your gall bladder to produce bile. If you don’t regularly cleanse your liver, the toxins can cause cancer and diseases that would not happen otherwise.

Fresh juice recipes give essential vitamins and minerals that diabetics need but may not be getting enough of in their regular diet 

Fresh juice recipes for diabetes with ingredients like apples, carrots, kale, spinach, and ginger will provide much-needed vitamin C and antioxidants for the immune system while also helping manage blood sugar levels. Bitter fruits and veg that are less sugary, like green apples, are especially beneficial. Lemon, celery and broccoli all come under this category as well.

Fresh Juice Recipes for Diabetics

Cucumber Juice

This is an excellent choice if you want to be able to reduce the number of carbohydrates in your diet. Cucumbers contain very little sugar and calories, but offer a large dose of vitamins A and C. Plus cucumber also has antioxidants that can protect against cell damage caused by free radicals. 

The combination of nutrients in tomatoes, carrots and cucumbers provides a variety of beneficial effects for diabetics. This juice has more vitamins A, C and K than a serving of broccoli or spinach.

These vegetables are also excellent sources of fibre, which helps to regulate blood sugar levels and lower cholesterol. 

Recipe Ingredients:  

  • 3 carrots (you can substitute with a similar amount of other sweet vegetables)
  • 1 tomato
  • 1 cucumber
  • a handful of leaves from organic spinach (you can avoid these if your goal is strictly weight loss )

Wash all vegetables and cut them into pieces. Put them in a juicer and enjoy! (You can also use a food processor or blender to make this juice)

Beet Orange Juice

While oranges are rich sources of vitamin C, they are usually eaten whole by diabetics who do not abide by strict diet plans. This juice includes oranges, beets and cucumbers to create a delicious drink with healthy properties. 

Recipe Ingredients:

  • 1 beet
  • 4 oranges (or 3 cups orange juice )
  • 1 cucumber
  • a handful of leaves from organic spinach (you can avoid these if your goal is strictly weight loss )

Peel the beetroot and cucumber and cut them into pieces. Peel the orange and chop it into quarters. Put them in a juicer and add the spinach. (You can also use a food processor or blender to make this juice)

Strawberry Carrot Juice

This is an excellent choice if you want to be able to reduce the number of carbohydrates in your diet. Strawberries are very low in calories and contain no fat or cholesterol, and provide large amounts of minerals like manganese and potassium.

And the same benefits can be obtained by juicing carrots, cucumbers and tomatoes.

Recipe Ingredients:

  • 1 cup of strawberries
  • 3-4 carrots (you can substitute with other vegetables)
  • 1/2 lemon slice
  • a handful of leaves from organic spinach (you can avoid these if your goal is strictly weight loss )

Peel the carrots and lemon and chop off the strawberry stems. Pop it all into a juicer or blender, adding the spinach leaves after.


Here are some more fruits and veggies that can be added to any one of these juices or used in other combinations:

  • 3-4 celery stalks
  • 4 kale leaves
  • small handful parsley
  • 1″ ginger root
  • green apples
  • 1 pear (peeled)
  • 4 romaine lettuce leaves

Green Juice

Main benefits

As with many other green vegetables, spinach contains high levels of vitamins A and C as well as fibre. It also contains powerful antioxidants that are excellent at protecting the body from developing heart disease, cancer and other serious illnesses.

Green vegetable juice for diabetics is good because it helps in fighting type 2 diabetes since it lowers your blood sugar level as well as improving the activity of insulin in the body. The juice also improves your overall health and keeps your weight under control.

It has been found that green vegetables like spinach, Swiss chard and kale are overflowing with antioxidants. Drinking green vegetable juices for diabetes will assist in repairing your body, so it’s a good way to stay healthy.

Green juice and Weight loss

Green juices have many benefits to offer diabetics including weight loss and lowering blood sugar levels as well as the protection of organs against damage resulting from cholesterol. 


Adding spinach and other greens like broccoli to your diet is a great way to get the health benefits of these vegetables.  Spinach is also rich in magnesium which is needed by the body to keep blood sugar levels steady.

Extra Benefits of green juice

Green juice is particularly beneficial for diabetics because it contains chlorophyll which cleanses the blood, ridding it of waste products like cholesterol and toxins. Green juices help you lose weight by keeping you feeling full longer and by slowing down food absorption into the bloodstream, which prevents the body from storing sugar as fat.

Liver care

Green juice also helps in healing and strengthening the liver which does not work properly if you have diabetes. It is important to keep your liver strong so that it handles toxins well.

Overall benefits

Using fresh juice recipes for diabetics has many benefits. It can help to ensure that your body maintains a healthy immune system and helps you live a more active life. Not only is this the healthiest choice for diabetics, but also for people who simply want to feel good. Drink fresh juice every day and see the difference it can make in your mood, health and energy levels! For more on fresh juice recipes for diabetics, check out the video below.